Fascinated by the beauty and mystery of animals, intrigued by the theory of evolution and consumed by the regretful nature of extinction, I often question the role our species plays in the animal hierarchy.  The animal nature of humans and the humanity we connect to in animals are recurring themes in my work.  Humans seek to differentiate themselves from other animals, not willing to fully admit that they themselves are animals.  However, Science has been finding it increasingly difficult to ascertain tangible differences between animals and humans. We can no longer ascribe the use of tools, nor language, nor culture, nor self-awareness as being the elements that differentiate “us” from “them”.  A relatively recent interest in the emotional capabilities of a number of species has also come into play.

In my work, I tend to explore past and contemporary scientific discoveries, animal research and anecdotes that have changed our perception of animals, as sentient beings experiencing emotionally rich lives, rather than simple automata merely responding to stimuli.  I create images that recount specific animal experiences, and animal experiments, involving their emotional realities.  Pulling subject matter from found photos, I re-create one cohesive ‘photograph’ making for a more believable image.  Believability is crucial, as I am motivated to share an urgent need to be mindful of the creatures with which we coexist.